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Take control of your "Destiny"!

Learn in just 2 DAYS how to apply the 12 Universal Laws and steer your "Destiny"!

  • Ended
  • 1,000 Malaysian ringgits
  • Location: To be determined

Service Description

I am sure you have heard of “The Law of Attraction”, due to the popularity of the book and movie “The Secret”? Now this famous Law is just one out of in total 12 UNIVERSAL LAWS, there are 11 additional Laws that influence your life, just like the Law of Attraction can! These 12 Universal Laws are SIMPLY tools, but, not SIMPLE Tools, they need to be ascertained, but, they are comprehensive, available and implementable to EVERYBODY, regardless your nationality, religion, ethnic origin, age, level of education, ... You wonder why things just often don’t work out for you the way you wished them to, and categorise it simply as "bad luck" or "unfortunate circumstances"? Know that whether it is your health, your relationship(s), your work, your environment, whichever does not seem to work out well, you have the possibility, ability and power to take control, using these Tools and turning their practice into GOOD HABITS for Life-Changing Results. Join the group to learn more about those 12 laws, sign-up and you will have the privilege to: - discover these existing tools, - uncover their power, - learn how to apply them in your daily life, and - personally experience the accompanying positive effects. You may realise that one or maybe more of these 12 Laws were already somewhat in your life, but lack of knowledge may have obstructed the good results to reach you, but with this 2-day Workshop, you can unblock the flow and wisely enjoy their positive impact on your life.

Contact Details

+ +6012 311 6944

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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